Hipple Law P.C.

December 08, 2021


Roxanna Hipple, founder of Hipple Law P.C., has a clearly defined success strategy – leverage software to maximize operational efficiency and increase productivity. When filing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases, Hipple realizes the importance of utilizing technology to streamline workflows and simplify case-administration processes, allowing her to focus on more substantive aspects of her practice. She relies on time-saving online tools and case-preparation and filing resources to effectively manage a heavy caseload while still providing a professional level of client service.

Since 2012, the northern Illinois based attorney has filed every one of her bankruptcy cases with Best Case by Stretto software. When the COVID-19 pandemic upended traditional office environments, Hipple’s practice maintained business continuity by leveraging Best Case to continue filling bankruptcy cases in remote working conditions. With Best Case, Hipple’s staff was able to seamlessly work with each other and securely communicate with firm clients without any legal service disruption.


Hipple’s firm utilizes a variety of Best Case’s features and tools to facilitate case preparation and filing. The team uses MyCaseInfo, an online feature enabling client information intake. Client-entered data easily imports into a Best Case client file so information is readily available to their attorney and other firm members. Anyone in the firm can respond to consumer debtor questions or requests, resulting in improved client service.

The members of Hipple Law rely on the automated communications generated by MyCaseInfo reminding clients to complete the intake questionnaire which alleviates administrative burdens and repeated client follow-up. The tool also provides workflow records, allowing Hipple to confirm when information was submitted by the client. Clients appreciate the tool’s simplicity and the flexibility when submitting their information via phone or tablet. The Ask An Attorney feature gives clients a path to Hipple, reinforcing their attorney’s availability.

The firm utilizes Best Case’s Court Notices and Calendar feature to automate tedious administrative tasks and simplify the CM/ECF process. Hipple’s team automatically downloads Free Looks, eliminating PACER fees, and auto-populates bankruptcy events on calendars to ensure important deadlines are met. Staff members order credit reports within Best Case and import financial data into Schedules and SOFA, eliminating manual data entry and saving the team valuable case-preparation time. The firm relies on Best Case, and its numerous features, to streamline workflows and improve overall efficiency on a daily basis. Looking ahead, Hipple Law, supported by Stretto’s best-in-class technology, is well-positioned to successfully manage the next influx of bankruptcy cases while continuing to grow its practice.