Richard West Law Office

October 26, 2020


The Richard West Law Office is widely recognized as Southern Ohio’s largest Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy law firm. With nearly two dozen employees in eight offices, the firm has assisted over 30,000 clients. West is a board-certified bankruptcy specialist, certified credit counselor, and a certified debt specialist. An industry expert with over 30 years of bankruptcy law experience, West has a reputation for truly caring about his clients and is dedicated to supporting their financial recovery.

Managing such a heavy caseload requires a robust office infrastructure including streamlined operational procedures and standardized case-filing processes. Along with these best practices, West’s firm demands best-in-class technology to maximize productivity and efficiency.


After trying other case-filing software programs, West and his team have been utilizing Best Case by Stretto for nearly 20 years. As a firm heavily leveraged with technology, West and his staff appreciate that Best Case requires minimal maintenance. Another key differentiator in ultimately selecting Best Case was the up-to-date forms which provide peace-of-mind to busy law firms knowing their documents are compliant. West’s staff also relies on Best Case’s OneTouch filing feature to quickly and easily submit court documents, resulting in valuable time savings.

Given the volume of cases the West firm handles, multiple team members being able to effectively collaborate on files and documents is required. West and his staff customize key documents and court files including cover sheet templates and pleadings. To meet new court requirements due to COVID-19, West’s team was able to utilize Best Case in filing a document with photos instead of wet signatures.

On the rare occasion that the firm has contacted Stretto’s Client Services Team for technology support, the response has been timely and the technicians provided step-by-step trouble-shooting procedures. Stretto values its partnership with The Richard West Law Firm and looks forward to continuing to meet its case-preparation and case-filing needs.