Recorded July 13, 2021

How to Market and Deliver Mortgage Modification Services to Bankruptcy Clients
As the national mortgage moratorium instituted during the pandemic has once again been extended, law firms have an opportunity to provide relief to overwhelmed homeowners. In this session, attendees will glean insight into marketing and delivering mortgage modification services to clients while maintaining compliance with bar association rules of advertising and following court-approved mortgage modification program guidelines in their local jurisdiction.

Key takeaways:
– Discover how to market mortgage modification to attract new debtors and reconnect with previous clients to generate referrals
– Understand the process for filing a mortgage modification in accordance with your local bankruptcy court’s approved program
– Learn how to train staff on identifying opportunities to assist clients in default or facing foreclosure

Download webinar materials:
– Presentation PDF
– Marketing campaign template

Access DMM resources:
– Create a DMM account
– Mortgage modification fees
– List of approved program districts, rules and procedures