Important note: This method requires doing a reinstall over your current installation; however, your client data will not be affected. 

  1.  Click here to access the download file
  2. Download and run the BCSETUP.EXE
    1. Click Next on the installation screen.
    2. Be sure the Destination Folder you install to is the same as the location of your existing Best Case install. For example, if you are running Best Case over a network, it may be Z:\BestCase or \\servername\BestCase. If the destination differs, select Change to browse to the existing install folder.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Deselect Start Menu and Quicklaunch Toolbar, then Click Next.
  5. Verify again that the destination is correct, then click Install.

Once you’ve reinstalled the software, you can verify the update has taken place by opening the application and selecting the Check for Update option.  If successful, the message will indicate that you have the latest version.

*If your client list is blank upon opening the application, this indicates you’ve installed a new copy of Best Case.  To resolve this, follow the steps again and ensure that the destination folder is correctly pointing to the correct Best Case directory.

Bankruptcy Attorneys face numerous hurdles that impact daily productivity. It’s critical that busy professionals have convenient access to accurate asset information and online tools to streamline case preparation and simplify bankruptcy course management for their clients. Without correct information that provides a comprehensive view of each creditor, Attorneys will not be prepared to answer questions in front of a judge or understand their client’s full financial history. 

Stretto facilitates due diligence requirements by providing comprehensive creditor and client data, ensuring court compliance, to address challenges Attorneys face during this process.

  1. Financial Data

Stretto’s financial data solutions can be organized into two buckets: credit reports and financial reports. The Credit Report provides the most pertinent client and creditor information for preparing bankruptcy cases, including judgments and liens, medical collection liabilities, and bankruptcy-specific addresses to ensure delivery of notices. In addition to data contained in the Credit Report, the Financial Report is comprised of an in-depth asset analysis that includes detailed property information, vehicle registrations, UCC filings, and related work history.

Both reports provide information from all three credit bureaus. 

  1. Reporting

Financial reporting and credit reporting are only as good as the data drawn. Attorneys need in-depth credit information including credit scores, account history, and recent inquiries, as well as tailored insights highlighting potential challenges and opportunities for each client. 

Compared to other credit report providers, Stretto offers attorney-specific features and insights, providing complete and accurate information, and facilitating better decision-making for bankruptcy cases.

  1. Court Compliance

Come prepared with comprehensive reports and asset summaries for a complete view of a client’s financial history, ensuring accurate information and court compliance. Attorneys gain valuable time efficiencies by seamlessly integrating data into most bankruptcy-software platforms.

Stretto Credit and Financial Reports Make It Possible

It’s critical that busy professionals have convenient access to accurate asset information and online tools to streamline case preparation and simplify bankruptcy course management. Developed specifically for bankruptcy Attorneys, Stretto Credit and Financial Reports offer a wide breadth of client and creditor information compiled from the three primary credit-reporting bureaus. By offering a comprehensive suite of due-diligence products and services, Stretto provides all-inclusive financial information and court-approved bankruptcy courses that can be ordered from one secure centralized source.

Stretto offers access to supplemental income and asset data from reliable sources, providing bankruptcy professionals with a complete view of a client’s financial history.

To learn more about Stretto Credit and Financial Reports and how they can help Attorneys, check out our recent webinar with a step-by-step walkthrough.